About our service

Security Crime Prevention is a full service, licensed, and insured Security Company providing Commercial and Residential security in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and Monterey Counties. We provide both stationary and mobile uniformed guard services.

We also provide a camera surveillance service. The cameras we have installed and monitored. These systems are built to fit the Clients needs from the types of cameras to be used to the server needed. The server is built by Security Crime Prevention Technicians to the specs for the system to be put in place. Cameras are selected and installed based on the client’s needs. Specifications, as well as the type of installation, determine how we design the equipment and software.

Your cameras are connected to “Milestone Systems”. This software offers the client multiple camera views, instant replay, and recording which can be cloud-based to reduce the need for digital space. Locally we install a server that can also record if cloud storage is not desired.

Through this system, the client has the ability to monitor and control cameras via desktop, laptop, or smartphone. This gives the client the ability to view the property from anywhere in the world at anytime as well as the ability to receive alerts when activity happens.

Our patrol guards can be given the ability to monitor the system on a needed basis. If you request the cameras to be placed on an alert status while you are out of town. The guard would receive notification via text alert and they would bring up the cameras from in the field to scan and review for any potential criminal or unauthorized activity. The parameters for the alerts are dictated by the client.

Security Crime Prevention prides itself on being able to provide security services tailored to the client’s specific needs and deliver professional service.